Highlights of the 2016 NY Cake Show

This past May, I had the honor of competing in Lisa Mansour’s 4th Annual NY Cake Show! The theme this year was New York, and the competition was fierce! Anything you can imagine about NY was replicated in some form of sugar art!

Check out the links below for pictures and a quick video of some of the winners!! 

View the 2016 NY Cake Show Photo Gallery!


And for you Harry Potter fans who cant wait for the new movie Fantastic Beasts check out this amazing new collaboration Fantastic Beasts of Birthday Mischief!! I was honored again to be a part of this fantastic project! We were all assigned a fantastic beast and had to come up with our own interpretation of them!


Here is a picture of mine the nasty little Doxy! Check out this link to view the amazing visuals and artwork created by my fellow artists! Or watch a great little video below!

Till next time!