Happy New Year!

( A little bit late I know!!!) 2016 was such an exciting year full of traveling, cake shows, classes, TV(!!!!!!) magazine publications and so many fun cake creations! 2017 looks to be just as jam packed with exciting new adventures on the horizon!
I’ll be looking to trying my hand in some new opportunities and making some much needed changes here at home! I can’t say much as things are really very early in the planning stages but please stay tuned for updates!
When I started art school I came from a public school where I was 1 of maybe 3-4 kids who wantphoto-collage-2ed to major in art.
Art school was a huge eye opening experience for me as now I wasn’t one of the few cool art kids that everyone asked to paint their jackets or binders or work on school projects but now I was one of hundreds!! I had to learn how to make myself stand out, find my style, practice and try new things!
Well 2017 is going to be a lot like that! Breaking out of my comfort zone here in my little part of Hicksville, Long Island! I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned while also giving others the opportunity to shine!!
Can’t wait to share it all with you!
Stay tuned!!!!