To Enter or Not to Enter?

This past June was the 5th Annual NY Cake Show at Pier 36 In Manhattan. With so many categories to choose from how do you decide what to enter? I usually enter a category I can have fun with, cookies, cupcakes, celebration cakes or sculpted cakes!

Traveling is a big factor in deciding at least for me, because if I can drive with it then I can go alittle bigger and unique in design. If I have to fly then I usually scale things down, make it something I can take as carry on or put in overhead.

The past few competitions I’ve been trying to create something different than my usual work or to work with materials I normally don’t get the chance to. For the NY Show I decided to challenge myself and enter into Showpiece!

Showpiece is a category where the cake is based on a pre determined theme. This years theme was Broadway.

Each competitior had to chose one play from a list and then create a cake based on that play. Each cake needed to be in proportion to the table provided ( 5’ diameter) and to also provide the table covering and decorations which would lend to the overall display. So your cake is not on a table with other cakes, its individually displayed and usually prominently on the show floor.

This was a big change for me and scoring is quite different from the other categories. I knew I had to create a clean piece, use many techniques ( and use them well!) and follow all the guidelines!

I worked for close to 2 months on this piece, alternating between stress and frustration! Certain elements worked and others were a big failure! I bugged friends online and on the phone but in the end I created a piece I was proud of. I knew what my flaws were but I was happy with the finished product!

Cakes with Character - Collage

And to my surprise I took 3rd in division!! So happy and more confidant to now work on my next big competition for the Oklahoma Sugar Art Show!

So after all that why do it?? I don’t enter to win, I enter to challenge myself, to work in mediums I don’t get to, and to experiement with new techniques and to surprise myself with the finished product!! You never know what will happen unless you give it a go! Try it, you may surprise yourself! And its about growing as an artist and pushing the boundaries of yourself and your art! Yes it can be stressful and frustrating and there were times that I walked away from it all for a day or two. But in the end even if I didn’t place I still created a damn good cake that I couldnt wait to show off!!

Looking forward to seeing more of you at the next show!!

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